Ett gästinlägg av min syster

Min syster hon har spenderat en massa tid på Kap Verde de senaste 2 åren o jag bad henne skriva lite om hur livet på Sal är.

Cape Verde

Like so many other tropical countries Cape Verde can be a dream vacation and a dream home, but when you actually live here and see the everyday life there is a small chance you change your mind, pack your bags and take the first flight back where you came from. Nothing is easy when you actually live in Cape Verde, but somehow people end up loving this place.

Lets start from the beginning. Where is Cape Verde? CV is a group of 10 different Islands located in the Atlantic ocean just outside Senegal.  Santiago is the capital Island, Sao Nicolao and Santo Antao are the two green Islands and Sal, and Boa Vista are the two main tourist islands. The weather is usually always hot, It rains maybe 2 days a year, the beaches on Sal and boa vista are perfect and dreamy and CV really is a very, very nice vacation location  Just take a short plane ride between the islands and you will find everything from amazing beaches to beautiful mountains, volcanos, original fishing villages and basically the most loving people you can find. Cape Verdeans like to celebrate and you can experience everything from festivals to carnivals here.

Even the sea life is rich and you can have a nice day sailing watching whales and dolphins and during nesting season you can go see loggerhead turtles lay their eggs and see hatchlings make their first journey out to the ocean.

So how did I end up staying here for over 2 years now? I ask myself that every day. It has been a lovely, scary, happy, confusing and weird time  I live on Sal, which is the main tourist island. You basically have everything you need on this Island but it is very small, people are all up in your business and everyday life is sooo different from life in Finland. There is no guarantee that there is water and electricity 24 hours a day but usually it’s up and running in a couple of hours after its gone. You also won’t always find all the foods you want but you work with what you got. Like now there has been no boat coming for a long time so right now it is impossible to find onions on Sal. This place is also the first place where I have had someone break my window yelling “I will kill you fucking white bitch” or sending me texts telling me how she is going to “fuck up my makeup face”. But despite everything I’ve been through here I still love the island and it feels like home to me.

So what do I do every day here? Mostly nothing. Enjoying my time, trying to figure out what to do next in my life. Now and then I do some work as a photographer going on the Island tours or doing private photo shoots on the beach or taking photos of the surfers. Cape Verde is the perfect spot for wind and kite surfing because most of the year we definitely have the wind blowing.

So when you came over for a holiday make sure you do the Island tour with paradise adventures with Gus because he always makes sure the customers are satisfied, make sure you go into Santa Maria and meet the locals, go for a sailing trip or do a family photo shoot with me  Even though Sal is a crazy island full of passionate people and annoying Senegalese it is a lovely place to spend some time on .


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